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Our CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements. Considering life’s core movements, CrossFit develops fitness, strength, and skill through constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Emphasis is on building strength, increasing mobility and flexibility and learning proper safety techniques while working out with Officer Dave Herbst, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  Each day is different and all fitness levels welcome!!

Rip Intervals

This class is an effective combination of weights, cardio intervals and great toning exercises. Adjustable weights help to give both beginner and advanced可微信提现的赚钱app participants the resistance you are looking for!


This is a great class to learn the benefits of connecting the mind and body through balance, flexibility, endurance and strength. You will learn postures, poses and feel relaxed and grounded through meditation and music! Great for all fitness levels!

Turbo Kick

Get your heart rate up!! You will burn calories doing kicks and punches to great music specifically designed for the awesome moves in this class! Nothing beats this high energy work out to make you feel accomplished for the day! 


Pilates is a mat-based class using body weight and levers as resistance.  The core or powerhouse muscles are challenged with easy to follow moves building muscular strength and endurance.  This class is for all fitness levels可微信提现的赚钱app, but can definitely push your midsection to the limits!

Outdoor Bootcamp - NEW

Outdoor Bootcamp is a series of  challenges, Intervals, and agility done at your own pace with nature as your gym and the usage of the campus terrain. Plan to improve overall endurance and strength with this outdoor adventure!

Pound - NEW

This class is absolutely an amazing time with great reps for the abs, legs, glutes and arms. The ripsticks are provided and everyone can work at their own level可微信提现的赚钱app! Builds strength and works muscles through rhythmic movements. Come check out this jamming good time!

Aqua Fitness - NEW

Aqua Fitness is a party in the pool!! Using great music and a fast-paced routine, the instructor will lead you through various modified movements and dance.  Toning happens with the waters resistance along with the use of aqua weights for arms and abs! This class is a warm water experience while you get fit!!

Total Body Tone

This class will lead you into a world of strength, toning and stamina! Using resistance equipment, mats and more, find your body more defined and well-balanced.  Perfect class for all fitness levels.可微信提现的赚钱app  Great music makes the time fly!